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Your Image is important, and we create new images everyday. We can surely do one for your business, one that will have the positive market impact and increased traffic from your target audience you desire.Like you, RSC Creative is a small company, we trulyunderstand your needs and concerns. As a experienced Ad Agency Art Director as well as a corporate Art and Creative Director, we are strongly committed to giving you top-notch service and the attention your vision of success deserves whether it is a large or small project.From start-up logos to  instoreproductdisplays, packaging and tradeshow exhibit graphics. we make every effort to assure that accurate design fits your budgets and product marketing strategy by working with my clients one on one to acheive what they feel is best for their currrent and future business needs.My primary belief is that anyone can compete successfully with larger, well-established companies, after all, we do!.-Call or email me and let's discuss your next project,email: dapixman@gmail.comCell: 650-248-6070
- Graphic Design - Illustration - Photography - Exhibit Design -- Packaging - Presentation - POP Displays
Outdoor Advertising-BillboardsSite Signage -Banners, AwningsTransit Advertising -Muni and Bart Banners and Large Backlit TX'sInstore Directional Signage
As a Art Director as well as a corporate Creative Director, I am strongly committed to giving my clients top-notch service and theattention your vision of success deserves whether it is a large or small project.Contact us today for your next project.dapixman@gmail.comor call: 650-248-6070Fast, courteous service.
We send out quarterly direct mail postcards showing our capabilities of our Illustrations, Photographic and Website graphics. If you have a need for creative graphics or custom art to fit your special needs feel free to contact us at:Send for our mail list: dapixman@gmail.com orcall 650-248-6070
We will gladly send you a fast response.
We create a lot of small spot art projects, why not add your name to our list as a prime supplier.
As a member of POPAI, we create a lot of small and large instore display systems. Whether they are metal, wood and cardboard prepack shippers. Call 650-248-6070