Over the years I have studied different types of art, both formally and informally, and have worked hard to merge all of my knowledge into comprehensible pieces.  In terms of what I enjoy most, it would have to be producing client satisfied pieces, challenging photo projects and design solutions.  I find creating art to be relaxing and meditative, and this allows me to produces successful pieces of art.

Design Work Samples
Identity - Logos - Icons
Packaging Design - Business Graphics
Schlage Dealer Master Catalog 96 page
utilizing all the commercial products offered.
Here are some of the recent pieces that I have created:
Builder's Hardware: Catalogs, Displays, Newspaper, TV
Branding, ID: Complete Source, Presentations.
Web Art: Icons, Images, Animated website art.
Direct Mail: Postcards, Mailers, Database Mgmt.
Catalogs, Datasheets: Complete product information.
RSC Creative Services
- Graphic Design - Illustration - Photography - Exhibit Design -
- Packaging - Presentation - POP Displays